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How a fast, modern, user-focused website can help your nonprofit create a bigger impact


Increase your donations

Improving user experience (UX) reduces friction between you and your donors. That means you can better engage new and existing donors and build a loyal and responsive base!


Drive action for your audience

By making it easy to understand who you are, what you do, and why you do it, you can inspire your audience to act — not just by donating, but also by volunteering, becoming a member, attending events, and more.


Spread awareness

A highly functional website with engaging content helps communicate your story and win over visitors. That means you’ll be better able to build trust and expand your reach.

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If your nonprofit’s website hasn’t exactly been a top priority — we get it.

Nonprofits often struggle with limited resources, strained budgets, and small teams, which can make it nearly impossible to get things done.

But if you want your organization to thrive, your website is actually one of your most valuable assets.

When done right, your website can be a powerful tool for driving action and building relationships with donors, volunteers, and advocates.

But that doesn’t mean just any kind of website will do.

If your website isn’t fast, modern, and focused on providing the best possible user experience... you could be driving visitors away and losing precious opportunities to connect with your audience and garner support.

In fact, one study by Nielsen Norman Group found that when a visitor spends time on a nonprofit’s website and chooses not to donate — in nearly half of all cases it’s because the website is difficult to use and navigate!

In other words, without an optimized website, you’re effectively leaving money and resources on the table... money and resources that could be helping your nonprofit fulfill its mission.


Rcktshp is committed to supporting organizations and businesses that are passionate about creating social impact and positive change.

We’ve launched the Rcktshp Pro Bono Project to design and build a fast, modern, user-focused website for one nonprofit organization — for free.

Rcktshp specializes in building professional, modern websites for nonprofits and social impact businesses. And as part of our own mission to give back, we’re offering to build a website for one value-aligned nonprofit — for free.

That means that your nonprofit may be able to get a custom-built website that doesn’t just look good... but also incorporates the latest web development, UX, and SEO best practices.

Imagine what your nonprofit could do with a steady flow of donations, engaged supporters and advocates, and the resources to fuel your growth and expand your reach.

An optimized website can get you closer to that reality.


Under the Rcktshp Pro Bono Project, we’re offering a comprehensive website package that includes:

1. A modern homepage with clear, engaging content and a primary call to action

2. An 'about' page that connects with your audience and effectively conveys who you are, what you do, and why you do it

3. A 'contact' page for easy communication with donors, volunteers, the media, and others

4. A 'donation' page that encourages giving and makes the process as frictionless as possible

5. A blog or news page to help you stay connected with your audience and communicate important announcements

We know you’re short on time and resources, so we’ll make sure your new website is easy to maintain. We’ll also provide onboarding training so you can learn how to update your site internally and easily!

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Who is Rcktshp?

Rcktshp is a 100% remote web development and digital marketing agency dedicated to serving organizations and businesses on a mission. Our own mission is two-fold:

• Help nonprofits and social impact businesses reach their goals and spread awareness through modern websites and digital marketing.

• Help marginalized individuals learn highly-needed skills, like web development and digital marketing, so they can grow in their careers and create positive impact through their own work.

Our team includes only well-vetted web developers and UX designers trained on the most up-to-date practices — so you can be sure you’ll get a great-looking, functional website designed to help you make a bigger impact than ever before!


Yes, we’re really building a website for free... and other answers to common questions

Start your free project in just a few steps!

First: If you’re ready to see the benefits of a fast, modern website for your nonprofit, just enter your email address below and we’ll send you a short initial survey.

Then: We’ll review your survey. If we think we can help you, we’ll reach out to set up a virtual meeting. During that meeting, we’ll explore in more detail whether your nonprofit’s website is a good fit for the Rcktshp Pro Bono Project.

If your nonprofit is chosen for the Rcktshp Pro Bono Project, we’ll follow our usual process for designing and building a website. It’ll start with a series of virtual meetings to further discuss your mission and goals and end with a live, fully optimized website!


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